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Do The Best You Can, Not The Best

When we agonize over everything to try to make it “the best” we fool ourselves. There’s no such thing. We are just people and can’t, by definition by perfect and “the best.”  When we understand the constraints–time, money, people, technology–and … Continue reading

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What “They” Want Or Think Doesn’t Matter

On his deathbed Steve Jobs told Tim Cook not to worry about what he would do, but instead do what was right for Apple, or so the story goes. A great piece of advice. Now that Steve is dead, what … Continue reading

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Recruit The Exceptional

Our leadership skills aren’t as special as we think. We can’t make average talent outstanding. Spend less time managing the average and more time talking with and recruiting the exceptional. Talent and grit win.

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Communications “Real Housewives” Style

It’s Monday morning and the time when communications professionals around the world are answering urgent executive requests on: Why that tweet (that nobody cares about) was created? Why that blog post (that nobody cares about) got your corporate mission wrong? … Continue reading

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