Ad Fraud Crash Course

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 12.27.45 PMAccording to one recent study, as much as $16 billion will be stolen from advertisers in 2017. It could be more, as nobody really knows the size of the digital fraud problem. But we know that it’s a lucrative business and advertisers are being taken to the cleaners.

It’s relatively easy to educate yourself on advertising fraud. There’s a bunch of good videos from security experts and, yes ad fraud prevention vendors, about how it works and what you–as an advertiser or agency–might be able to do about it. At least you’ll know what kind of questions to ask of your agencies, vendors, publishers, and platforms.

So why does this great video from White Ops CEO Michael Tiffany only have 1,200 views? Or this one from Integral Ad Science’s Grzegorz Miaskiewicz have only 245? Isn’t anybody interested in solving the problem? About $80 billion will be spent in digital marketing this year. You’d think a few more people might be interested in what they’re actually buying.

If you’re doing any kind of digital marketing, I strongly suggest you take the time to watch these and others. Here’s an embed of Michael Tiffany’s talk. Watch it tonight when you get home. Ask good questions. And win.



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